Crops in alphabetical order by name
by Frann Leach
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This is the links page to all the different crops, sorted in alphabetical order by common name. If you find a crop listed which you know by another name, which is not listed here, please let us know.


American cress   Artichokes, Globe   Artichokes, Jerusalem   Asparagus   Aubergine

Beet for leaves   Beet for roots   Beetroot   Beans, Broad   Beans, Bush   Beans, Faba   Beans, French   Beans, Pole   Beans, Runner   Bell peppers   Black salsify   Broad beans   Broccoli
Broccoli, 9 Star Perennial   Broccoli, Chinese   Broccoli, Green sprouting   Broccoli, Heading
Broccoli, Italian   Brussels sprouts  

Cabbage   Cabbage, Chinese   Calabrese   Capsicums   Carrots   Cauliflower   Cauliflower, 9 Star Perennial   Celeriac   Celery   Celery, Turnip-rooted   Celtuce   Chard, Swiss   Chard, Ruby/Rhubarb  
Chards, Salsify/scorzonera   Chicory   Chilli peppers   Chinese broccoli   Chinese kale   Courgettes  
Cress, American/Land   Cucumber

Eggplant   Egyptian tree onions   Endive   Escarole   Everlasting onions

Faba Beans   Finocchio   Florence fennel   French beans

Garlic   Gherkins   Globe artichokes   Greens, Mustard   Greens, Spring   Greens, Texsel

Hamburg Parsley   Hot peppers

Jerusalem artichokes   Japanese bunching onions

Kale   Kale, Chinese   Kale, Sea   Kohl rabi   Komatsuna

Land cress   Leaf beet   Leeks   Lettuce   Lettuce, Stem

Mange tout peas   Marrow   Michihili   Mizuna   Mooli   Mustard greens   Mustard, Oriental
Mustard spinach

New Zealand spinach

Onions, bulb   Onions, Egyptian tree   Onions, Everlasting   Onions, Japanese bunching   Onions, Salad   Onions, Spring   Onions, Welsh   Oriental mustard   Oyster, Spanish   Oyster, Vegetable

Pak Choi   Parsley, Hamburg   Parsnips   Peas   Peppers, Bell   Peppers, Chilli   Peppers, Hot
Peppers, Sweet   Perennial broccoli/cauliflower   Perpetual spinach   Potatoes   Pumpkin

Radicchio   Radishes   Rocket   Roka   Runner beans   Rutabaga

Salad onions   Salad rocket   Salsify   Savoy cabbage   Scolymus   Scorzonera   Seakale   Shallots
Snow peas   Spanish oyster   Spinach   Spinach, Mustard   Spinach, New Zealand   Spinach, Perpetual   Spring greens   Sprouts, Brussels   Squash   Stem lettuce   Sugar snap peas   Swede   Swedish turnip   Sweet peppers   Swiss Chard

Texsel greens   Tomatoes   Tree onions, Egyptian   Turnips   Turnip, Swedish   Turnip-rooted Celery

Vegetable oyster

Welsh onions


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