Gardening - How to Plant Hedges
by Terry Blackburn
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If you want to plant a hedge on the side or backyard, you will need the following equipment:

Tape measure
Rope and stakes

Steps to planting a hedge

The first step is to create a straight line which you will follow to ensure that your hedge is straight. There is nothing sloppier on a great looking lawn than a crooked hedge. Once you have measured the length of your hedge, use the rope and stakes to mark your line. Make sure you do not create a hedge that sits right on your property line. Give yourself two to three feet of room between you and your neighbor. Use the hammer to secure the stakes into the ground.

The next step is to mark where you want your hedges. You should leave a foot between each hedge in order to give them room to grow. Aerate your soil if necessary and clear away all grass and weeds from the soil.

Measure the length of the roots of the hedge. They will be wrapped up in a ball, but you can measure from the top of the ball to the bottom. This will tell you how big to dig the hole. You should dig twice as far as the root length. (if the root is 6 inches, you should dig at least 12 inches).

Begin digging. After you are done, you can place the hedge into the ground. Make sure you fill the hole up with enough soil. Make sure the hedge is secure before moving on the next one.

You should monitor your hedges during the first few days in order to make sure they are getting enough water, the soil is not eroding at the base, and the hedges are not falling over.

If you are looking for a privacy hedge, then you will have to buy hedges that are larger. Plant them the same way or hire a landscaper if they are too heavy to move.

Hedges will need to be trimmed and should always appear straight. While you can create a sloping hedge, you will have to be consistent with the slope so that it looks intentional and does not looking like a trimming mistake. All too often, people who have a great lawn do not pay enough attention to their hedges. This can ruin the look you have worked so hard to create.

Hedges can take years to grow and like all other plants on your lawn, will need care every once in a while.

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