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Nontraditional Uses For Wooden Garden Sheds


A wooden garden shed can enhance almost any backyard space, providing additional space for storage and other activities while also adding value to your home. Traditionally, wood garden sheds have been used by homeowners as the ideal place to store gardening and landscaping implements such as lawnmowers and gardening hand tools.

However, a wooden garden shed can also be used in many nontraditional ways as well. Wood garden sheds have many advantages over metal and plastic shed structures. They tend not to retain heat and often have an aesthetic beauty to them that is not found in metal and plastic backyard sheds. For these reasons, they can often be used in ways other than simply storing yard tools.

One ideal nontraditional use for a backyard wooden garden shed is to transform it into a playhouse for children. You could do this by rehabilitating an old shed (as long as it is structurally sound), or building or purchasing a new one (there are some wood garden shed kits and plans designed specifically for this purpose). A wooden shed playhouse can provide the ideal venue to provide some space for a child to read or play. They may even appreciate the space more if they are involved in the construction or designing of the space, such as helping paint the play shed in their favorite colors.

If you do not have children, or are in dire need of quiet space for yourself, you could also transform your wooden garden shed into a private personal retreat. Larger wood sheds can be an ideal space to locate a desk for writing, craft projects and more.

If you are interested in using a wooden garden shed for a nontraditional personal use, you should invest in some features that will make the space easier and more enjoyable to use. In particular, you will want to ensure there is adequate light in the shed. Both skylights and windows are possible solutions to bring more natural light into the space. Aesthetically, you may want to consider adding window boxes full of flowers and shutters to the shed as well.

Wooden garden sheds can provide an array of space solutions for many households. You may be surprised by how much a simple wooden structure can transform and bring pleasure to your life once it has been built.

Michelle Day has written extensively about gardening and backyard landscaping, and maintains several gardening blogs. For more information about how to build and maintain wooden garden sheds, please visit the Wooden Garden Shed Information and Ideas website. Article Source

Article ©2009 Michelle Day. All rights reserved.

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