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Organic Gardening:

Plants to attract beneficial creatures


You can buy predators, but encouraging natural predators into your garden for free by providing them with sources of food and natural shelter is an important part of biological control. Attractant plants draw in predators such as ladybirds, which feast on aphids, starlings, which pick leatherjackets off the lawn and hedgehogs, which help control slugs.

To attract birds, you need to provide food sources and water, as well as a few bushes and trees for them to hide in when the sparrow hawk calls! Nailing up a couple of nesting boxes may also be helpful.

Hedgehogs like piles of leaves and similar debris to nest in. Take care you don't spear one with a fork when you are collecting compost from the heap - and if you stack up a bonfire and leave it overnight, you are quite likely to end up burning a hedgehog who has crept in for shelter by accident. Since hedgehogs are very beneficial to the garden - they eat slugs and snails in large quantities - it's worth taking special care to look out for them.

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