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Organic Gardening:

Obtaining Free Mulch For Your Garden - Uses And Methods Of Getting It


Mulch is any matter that is used to cover the soil as a protective layer to modify the effects of the climate. Sometimes mulching is required for the good growth and development of the garden. Many gardeners are discovering a source of mulch that has been available freely all the time. Some forms of free mulch include wood shavings, grass clippings, shredded newspaper and plant trimmings. These items have been present in the garden all along, they can be used as and when the need arises.

Many gardeners spread the grass clippings across the yard or around the trees. This acts as a kind of mulch on the soil by preventing evaporation and keeping the soil moist. Thus, it helps to conserve water and you may not need to water the plants very often. It also prevents weeds from growing in the area. Plants and trees that have trouble staying green and healthy can benefit from mulching. All that needs to be done is to spread the grass trimmings around the plant in a small layer. One can choose the mulching priority, depending on the growth of the plants or the condition of the yard. If the yard is green and healthy, it may not require mulching. The plants and shrubs may, on the other hand need some mulching care.

Pruning of trees and plants yields plenty of twigs and branches. Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of pruning done, it may generate large quantities of branches. Instead of throwing these away, they can be put to good use by turning them to mulch. A wood chipper can be rented to make chips of the wood and this can then be used as mulch. The wood chipper may be expensive to rent, so if you have only a small quantity of pruning, then it is better to store it away to add to the next batch of pruning. That way it will be economical to make the wood chippings.

All organic mulches have to be replaced, because they will decompose naturally. Organic mulches decompose over a period, releasing small quantities of nutrients in the soil. It is therefore advisable to replenish the mulch as soon as it starts to decompose. The signs will be visible very easily. At times, the plants begin to suffer due to the decomposition of the mulch. You can take care of this problem by adding a small quantity of fertilizer to the soil, to promote growth of the plant. The layer of mulch should be renewed to maintain a 2 to 4 inch depth. Mulch like pine straw will need to be replenished every year.

Mulching saves a lot of time on garden maintenance. It reduces water evaporation and helps to promote the growth of healthy plants. Mulching puts the garden waste to good use, thus benefiting the plants. Since this is freely available, it saves money too!

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