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Organic Gardening:

Garden Design With Perennials


One difference concerning garden design with perennials from other kinds of flowers is that perennials take a year to really fill in. If you are looking for instant gratification, you might want to simultaneously have an additional non-perennial garden to satisfy your immediate needs.

Even in the second year of garden design with perennials, your garden will not look the least bit impressive. Again, if you start a second garden at the same time, you'll have something to bring you some gardening joy while you are waiting for your perennials to mature.

Most people who haven't dabbled in garden design with perennials are literally shocked in year three as the plants burst out in growth and color. At this time, you'll be thinking about how you can get rid of that instant-gratification garden you had going while you were waiting.

Now, don't think you can just sit on your behind as your garden is in full bloom. Your plants will start to take on minds of their own, some maturing even more, while others wither away and die. One of the many advantages of garden design with perennials is that the plants are easy to move. You will find in year three that the garden doesn't look quite like you thought it would and you'll want to make some rearrangements and changes.

Something to consider while garden designing with perennials is growing extra plants in a separate area. Since the wait time for a mature-looking garden is two years, any additions you make will take two years to catch up with the rest. Plant perennials in several places, even in areas you hadn't considered. This way, after all the garden's mature, you can move plants around to get the design you want.

The Importance of Planning Your Garden Design With Perennials

Those not experienced in garden design with perennials will also want to talk with an hold hand. The challenge with this variety is anticipating what it is going to look like in two years. Depending on the plants you choose, you are going to want to pay attention to factors like spacing. Your plants will look quite sparse for the first two years, and then all of a sudden they'll looked crammed together. In addition to talking with an expert, you may want to check out some garden design software to see if that can help you (see link above).

Garden design with perennials can be fun and rewarding as long as you know that you are going to have to wait for the payoff. In addition to you garden design with perennials, you might want to plant a garden with varieties that will payoff immediately to keep you interested. And finally, plant perennials than you will need so that you can add in or take out flowers until you get the garden you want.

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