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Organic Gardening:

How Do I Start Organic Gardening?


Starting an organic garden isn't that difficult. If you already grow vegetables, fruit or herbs, or even a few flowers, all you need to do is change some of your methods, so that, for example, instead of blasting a pest with chemicals, you protect the crop so the little beastie can't get to it. Or you might introduce a predator to eat the pest.

I started out with just one item: carrots. This was because contaminated carrots was where I came in, heh. Probably not the best place to start, as carrots are quite challenging. You need to do more to get a decent crop from carrots than with some other vegetables, unless you want to drench them with the pesticides that set me off on this course in the first place.

If you want to get a taste of how much fun an organic garden can be, the best thing to do is just pick one crop from the annual varieties (because that way you start getting results before you get bored, hopefully).

Things to grow in your organic garden

The best idea is to choose something you like to eat, which is hard to get or expensive. Here are a few suggestions:

I hope this article has given you the encouragement to give organic gardening a try. Why not start your own organic garden this weekend?

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