"About us..."

Well, "us" is a bit of a misnomer, really. There's just me, Frann Leach, currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, though I was born in London.

I'm a geek. Well, I think that's what you would call me, anyway.

Just to give you some background, I'm a single mother (although both my children are grown up) and I have been addicted to computers, and worked with them, for well over 20 years.

I have a range of sites which at first glance appear to have little in common, but they (and I) are driven by an early vision of the 'world computer system of the future' gathered from science fiction of the time (which is now with us - in its early stages, at least). My aim on all my sites is to provide genuinely useful information, presented in a usable form.

This was actually my first "real" site and although it has been through a couple of incarnations, it was definitely showing its age. I have finally been able to upgrade it and transfer most of the static pages over to a dynamic system. I hope you like it, and please do let me know if you find any problems by sending a PM to tiggsy on the forum.

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